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Let me introduce my blog, created in the year 2004. At that moment, the only language I could speak was Spanish, so the blog is still in Spanish only. 😄

Originally, I created my blog as a sort of diary. Then, I didn't dare to post anything about my book or my comic or any of my drawings yet. I used to go to the cyber-cafe and writing and posting some events, along with some Random ideas (not just in the original sense of the word "random", but also the very first plot and stories of Random, my female alter ego). Thus, it became a sort of journal. 😁

In the year 2010 I decided to post some random fragments of my book and I got more visits. And it was great... Until the arrival of the social networks. The last year my blog had visits was 2012. Suddenly, in 2013, people abandoned blogs and preferred the Facebook and the Twitter instead. And I realized that people plump for short texts. The shortest texts, the best texts. And I must add that Mexicans don't read (and, if they read, they don't understand what they read): The average amount of read books per year in Mexico is... half a book. With such a number, explaining why nobody reads my blog is not a mystery anymore. 😞

So, in the year 2016 I decided to "cleanse" my blog, removing almost all the texts and keeping only the most visited ones, and editing the most visited ones to make them shorter and more interesting. Also, I decided to add new Random's tales, and trying to spread the news in the real life. Alas, people from my former college, instead of giving me a positive feedback, got offended (despite the texts weren't about them), which just make me to lose the motivation to keep posting there. 😞

Besides, checking out the statistics of my blog, I have discovered that the country that visits my blog the most is... United States. How is this possible? They don't speak Spanish! They would rather die before learning and speaking Spanish! How can they visit a Spanish-speaking blog...? Anyways, Mexico is in second place. And after them, France... How is this possible? France doesn't speak Spanish? The one what speaks Spanish is Spain, in fifth place, after... Russia!! Russia speaks Russian, not Spanish!! After them, Germany...which is fine, because I started to post in German in the year 2014. And then, Ukraine...!! Ukraine, a former Soviet republic that speaks Russian and Ukrainian, not Spanish!! And after it, the UK... But the UK speaks British English, not Spanish... nor Indonesia. Why would I have readers from Indonesia? Finally, after all of them, Columbia! The Spanish-speaker country next to Venezuelle and above the Equator. And after it, two countries that shouldn't be on the list: Romania and Holland. Thus, after all of them, Chile and Argentine, a pair of Spanish-speaking countries at the very bottom of South America, appear on my list. And at the end of the list: China, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and Ireland, which aren't Spanish-speaking countries. The statistics of my blog aren't clear enough or maybe there is a lot of Spanish-speakers outside the Spanish-speaking countries out there. 😥

And, checking the most visited posts... No, my literary texts aren't the most visited ones. The most visited post is the one in which I describe the writing system I created to write the 68 native Mexican languages!! After it, the one in which I describe the literary format I created to write down my book. And then, a manifesto (from other website) about typewriters (I love them). Finally, the post in which I posted my physical address (since I exchange a lot of physical correspondence with a bunch of people around the world in three different languages: Spanish, English and German). So, people look for my projects, not for my art. 😔

Regarding the project about Random's comic... First, I'm not sure about how the public would receive the comic in general terms. Not just the plot and the characters, but also the themes I approach on it. It's a very politically incorrect, dark, gloomy and yet wacky comic. The protagonists enjoy taboo stuff such as sexual pleasure, B.D.S.M., bisexuality, criticizing society's flaws and "throwing flames" to provoke others' wrath and/or to make people shock and realize about the reality in which they live. In my good, old times, reading something like that would be amusing. Now, it just attracts trolls, S.J.W.'s and makes the "crystal generation" to get offended. Moreover, I'm not sure about whether if I must post the comic in Spanish only, in English only or in the both languages or in the three languages I can speak. I'm not a native English-speaker and Americans (my main public, despite U.S.A. speaks English only) shall notice it. So, if you have a comment about this, please, let me know. 💖

Thanks for your time. 💖


Unknown dijo…
Yes, English too, please. :)
I'm just in the same procces, i'm trying to writte in english lol
Anónimo dijo…
si estas tan loco como para escribir , habrá locos para leerlo, por otro lado puedes hacer una sub sección en otros idiomas, aunque me inclino mas por el ingles

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